Personalized Nutrition lecture

Personalized Nutrition lecture as part of the Healthy Food Innovation Management (Campus Venlo) programme

The Master’s programme in Healthy Food Innovation Management (HFIM)* at Maastricht University includes the concept of personalized nutrition in its programme,  looking at the innovation process in the nutrition and food industry through the integration of four key disciplines: 1) Knowledge of nutrition and health; 2) Consumer research; 3) Business and entrepreneurship, and 4) Legal aspects in the context of nutrition innovation.

On 9 April, Prof. Theo de Kok delivered a lecture to some 40 students on this Master's programme on the use of innovative markers for health effects in human nutrition intervention studies. He drew on examples from both nutrition toxicology (the harmful effects of excessive consumption of meat products and some nutritional additives) as well as the health-promoting effects of bioactive substances in fruit and vegetables, where innovations relating to personalized nutrition are anticipated. MiFood will shortly commence research into nutrition, in cooperation with Maastricht University, to study the health-promoting effects of the various combinations of bioactive substances that are offered as smoothies. Part of the study will take place on the Brightlands Campus Greenport Venlo and intends to identify specific combinations of ingredients that are suitable for the genetic characteristics of participants. Students on the HFIM master’s programme will be given the opportunity to participate in the study as part of their placement.

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