MiFood attended customized dinner

Finally it was Tuesday 9 October, dinner was custom made at Koppert Cress in Monster. Those present had given their DNA a month earlier via a saliva test. On this basis, a personalized dinner was offered. A tailor-made dinner, healthy and tasty.

For the evening, 100 guests were invited who are all involved in a healthy way of living. Custom made dinner gave a first impression to show what is possible in the area of personal food. That happened this time on the basis of everyone's DNA. This is only one solution, obviously there are more flavors called the organization. The connection between the many current initiatives, is the 'power of vegetables'.

From genetics to a meal
DNA is the construction drawing of the body and determines the basis of all your properties. This DNA is then reconstructed from genes. For example, there is a gene that ensures that you absorb a certain vitamin properly. Because of the better absorption you need less of this vitamin than other people. Back to dinner, based on 21 genes, it was derived which vitamins and minerals one should eat extra, individually. In addition, the optimal ratio of carbohydrates, protein and fat was put together in the menu. This led to many differently filled plates on one table. However, just as important, 'it was tasty' without adding the usual amounts of salt or sugar. So, it can be done.

Everybody present got an explanation why his menu was composed in this way. Very interesting. Naturally, this led to much discussion at the table about how and why, and whether or not to recognize advice. To allow the dinner to settle properly, a tour around the company followed. Hereafter the dinner was closed spectactularly with a dessert and enough networking opportunities.

The evening gave a first insight into healthy food in relation to your own person. The guests came from many different organizations, however, all with the same passion, which shows that the subject is widely supported. This initiative was a first step and certainly tastes for more.

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